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Lushi Tea Building Introduction

2017-11-26 Lushi tea industry group Read

Lushi Building North-South direction, surrounded by lighting, strategic location, the surrounding population income and spending ability. The building is located in Xinyang City, Henan Province, Yangshan New District Sixth Avenue and North Ring Road intersection, east of 2,000 acres of the national key project of the international tea city, west of the large industrial park - Jinniushan high-tech industrial zone, north Close to Yiwu International Commodity City, the south and the administrative center closely. The building from the municipal government office building only 1,000 meters, close to the business district, high-tech industrial zone, away from the train station, high-speed rail station and the intersection only 10 minutes by car, the traffic is extremely convenient.



The structure and area of Lushi Mansion: Lushi Mansion has a gross floor area of 46523 square meters. The overall structure of Lushi Mansion is flexible and can be divided into six layers. It is equipped with six purely imported elevators, two freight elevators, underground parking, parking on the ground Field can stop 400 cars, Lushi Building in accordance with the standard five-star hotel built with a total height of 99.4 meters, the building built a sun indoor swimming pool, high-rise hall with a spiral staircase, 1 to 6-storey podium can be divided into business Halls, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, banquet hall, medium and small multimedia conference room, sauna, bath, KTV and other entertainment projects 7 to 27 rooms have more than 400 rooms.

Property and Ownership: Lushi Tea Group is a sole proprietorship holding 100% of the land and title of Lushi Tea House.

Commercial use of the building: Lushi building in accordance with the standard five-star hotel built, do high-end hotels, office buildings, leisure centers, hotel chains, multimedia conference and exhibition center, restaurant chain.

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