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Xinyang black tea effect

2017-11-26 Lushi tea industry group Read


Refreshing fatigue

Caffeine in black tea excites the nerve center by stimulating the cerebral cortex to promote the refreshment and concentration of thinking, which in turn makes the thinking reaction more acute and improves memory; it also has an exciting effect on the vascular system and the heart to strengthen the heartbeat, thereby accelerating blood circulation To facilitate the metabolism, while promoting sweating and diuretic, which will speed up the two-pronged excretion of lactic acid (the material that makes the body feel tired) and other old waste substances in the body to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue.

Anti-inflammatory sterilization

Polyphenols in black tea have an anti-inflammatory effect. After experiments, it has been found that catechins can bind to single-cell bacteria and coagulate and precipitate proteins, thereby inhibiting and eliminating pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, bacillary dysentery and food poisoning is quite beneficial to drinking black tea, tea is also commonly used folk coated mouth, bedsores and Hong Kong feet.


It has been experimentally shown that tea polyphenols in black tea can adsorb heavy metals and alkaloids and precipitate and decompose, which is a boon to modern people who drink water and food contaminated by industry.

Strong bones

May 13, 2002 The American Medical Association published a survey of 497 males and 540 females for more than 10 years and pointed out that people who drink black tea have strong bones, polyphenols (also found in green tea) in black tea have the activity of inhibiting the destruction of bone cell substances . For the prevention and treatment of common female osteoporosis, it is recommended to take a small cup of black tea every day, adhere to the obvious effect for several years. As in the black tea with lemon, strong bones, the effect is stronger, in the black tea can also add a variety of fruits, can play a synergistic effect.


Over the past five years, the U.S. government has sponsored more than 150 studies on green tea and black tea and their chemical constituents. The results show that antioxidants in green tea and black tea can completely destroy the pathways of chemical substances in cancer cells. "The efficacy of black tea and green tea is roughly the same, but black tea's antioxidant is much more complex than green tea, especially for the heart," said Dr Murray Mitterman, director of vascular epidemiology at the Beth Israel Deaciones Medical Center in Boston. . American magazine reported that the anti-aging effect of black tea is stronger than garlic, broccoli and carrots.


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